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apartments, houses, townhouses, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, offices, etc. Wide range of services, from small cosmetic repairs to major makeovers. Interior design, transformations, renovations, repairs — solution of any issues in one company. Our team regularly improve skills to acquire knowledge in the latest technologies, materials, and trends. Let us make your dream a reality.
Interior/Exterior Design

We specialize in European Styles such as Modern Classic, Traditional, Neoclassical, Modern Mediterranean (Italian, French, Greek, Tuscan, Spanish). We focus on creating luxurious, opulent spaces with high-end materials and furniture. Our luxury designer’s main objective is to create an environment that is comfortable yet striking in its beauty and sophistication. Our innovative designs often incorporate large scale artwork or sculptures, intricate moldings, woodwork, paneling, lincrusta, textured walls, venetian stucco, interior archways, elegant rooms, architectural detailing, as well as high-end appliances and other luxuries frequently associated with the European design style. The result is a living space that evokes feelings of luxury and class.

During the renovation, the control of the designer is important. Such an author's quality check guarantees that the renovated space complies with the artistic design. When developing the design vision we take into account the color scheme, the location of furniture, light, partitions, the layout itself, in order to get the best result. Interior designer will draw up a convenient project plan with a detailed description of what should be done and when, as well as help visualize it using Rendering 3D and AR/VR. Moreover, we will help you get the best deals thanks to our strong relationships with furniture stores that provide special discounts. Our designers' passion for design and interiors shines through in every project, as they create truly outstanding and unique spaces for both residential and commercial use, blending seamlessly with the surrounding exterior spaces.

Home Staging

Our expert staging services are designed to help realtors, homeowners, investors, and anyone interested in making a profit from real estate fast. Professional home staging specialists will transform your property together with our in-house contractors, highlight the best features of the house with effective staging and show its potential. The purpose of the staging process is to make the home ready to move in and help buyers imagine how they live in it.

Home Staging includes redecoration, furniture rearrangement, design and other aesthetic strategies to present the home in the best possible light. Contractors will make minor cosmetic repairs or, at your request, completely renovate certain areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or the entire house. We put the needs of your potential buyer at the heart of the design ensuring that you will get the best possible maximum profit. Whether your property is in Los Angeles or surrounding cities, our professional home staging services are for those looking to sell their home or investment property for top dollar.

For Developers

Krupenko Home Improvements play a trusted and fundamental role in advising on how to achieve the end goal while ensuring the best possible return on investment. Our team has an out-of-the-box thinking, reliable, and thoughtful, thinking about how it will appeal to your target audience and how it will help you achieve a premium price when selling.

Our designers bring their expertise to every stage, working closely with the architects and the rest of the professional team to plan the space and create the overall design concept. We put the needs of your potential buyer at the heart of the design. Making creative solutions that your target customers will love. According to statistics, buyers are increasingly choosing houses with a complete set and up to date renovation. Therefore, we create a modern yet timeless designs that your customer will fall in love with. This is your brand image, let's make it one of a kind.

Feng-shui & Vastu-shastra

Vastu-shastra is both spiritually and scientifically grounded and universal science and it is more profound in its consequences than Feng Shui. The science of Vastu originated thousands of years older than Feng Shui. Vastu is yoga for the home, part of the Vedic knowledge and the world's oldest science of construction, architecture and space design. We do soil testing, removing impurities, house construction by Vastu, architectural concepts, ephemeris for Vastu planning, Vastu Yantra, Ratna Adhyay, color therapy, Vastu correction without breaking structure of premises, environmental Vastu, landscaping scheme, usage of right materials, iconography, Vithi Vinyas, locating Brahmasthan, land sleeping, Earthquake resistance and much more

In our modern hectic lifestyle, people are looking for ways to make their lives more conscious and prosperous by improving feng shui in their home. The purpose of Feng Shui is to create conditions around a space that allow to freely penetrate into your life the energy of abundance and success that fills the space of the Universe. And with the help of a variety of tools and various techniques, carefully and accurately create the environment that is necessary for your particular situation. Feng Shui is based on the ancient Chinese philosophical teachings of Taoists and natural philosophers, revealing the natural mechanisms, rhythms and cycles of the universe.

Psychotherapeutic Interior

Psychotherapeutic Interior works closely with your unconscious. Without knowledge of psychology, interior design can lead to inevitable consequences such as stress, bad mood, fatigue, anger, irritability, inability to concentrate and much more. We will work closely with your therapists to create the right design for you.

Interior design must be thought out wisely, with the help of professionals, otherwise you will feel out of place. It should not be that the design is made by someone for no clear reason and for whom, without any necessary concept. Personal space is a projection of our unconscious. Everything we surround ourselves with is symbolic markers that carry specific information and remind us of a certain meaning. Nothing in your home comes to you by chance. From household items to wall color can influence your destiny. Our design experts will plan the space that best suits you personally. Special services are also available for your business purposes, and for any commercial property.

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