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apartments, houses, townhouses, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, offices, etc. Wide range of services, from small cosmetic repairs to major makeovers. Interior design, transformations, renovations, repairs — solution of any issues in one company. Our team regularly improve skills to acquire knowledge in the latest technologies, materials, and trends. Let us make your dream a reality.
Interior/Exterior Design

Our highly qualified European architectural designers create interiors and exteriors, think over the layout, zoning, lighting and use of technical systems, select building materials, furniture and décor. They are here to enhance your living conditions and make your home the best it can be. Krupenko Home Improvements is all about the quality and we love to do makeovers to be proud of for years to come.

Our professional designers know everything about modern trends in finishing materials and the latest furniture collections from the best factories in the world. Regular visits to international exhibitions allow our experts to find the best décor items needed for your space. You will have your house styled in the best possible way, to give it a bright individuality and originality, to create harmony in space, to emphasize the prestige of the premises and the excellent taste of its owner.

Residential Renovation

Our European company is here to improve living conditions and ensure the highest quality for your home. We are all about the quality and love to do makeovers to be proud of years to come. Do you want a new kitchen or a bathroom or a complete turnkey repair, you do not need to hire a bunch of different companies, everything you need, here in one place.

All types of in-house specialists in one company, direct contacts with tons of suppliers of building materials, more than 15 years of experience all over the world in renovations, allow us to provide the best results and guarantees. The renovation of the house implies a complete restoration of the interior and exterior of the house, or the implementation of small cosmetic repairs, the work is carried out over each part, and nothing is left without attention. A complete restoration of the house will help you give your home a second life, this gives you the opportunity to “move to a new house” without changing the place of resident, while not parting with your favorite landscapes, close to the heart of the streets, or good -natured neighbors. Krupenko Home Improvements has completed hundreds of projects large and small throughout Europe and the US and earns repeat business from many customers, so you can rest assured you are hiring an experienced company.

Home Staging

Our top European designers with extensive home staging experience are now serving all Los Angeles and Orange County to customize your property providing magnificent interior design and help you in getting higher price of your sale.

A recent survey by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals shows that staging helps sell homes 30 times faster than non-staging competitors and increasing the selling price by up to 20% on average. A complete home staging by our experts will make your property stand out from the rest with a special design that highlights the best features of the home. Thanks to our high standards of work, you can rest assured that your property will be as attractive as possible to the largest number of potential buyers.

Commercial Renovation

This is a sought-after set of services that will completely transform the appearance of the premises, change the style of business design, impress your customers, eliminate defects, and provide a comfortable environment. Creation of comfortable working conditions for employees and visitors, update of outdated design, arrangement of new zones, correction of possible technical malfunctions, replacements, changing the brand image to make a favorable impression on customers and partners. We have completed many commercial renovations for restaurants, salons, clubs, gyms, stores, offices and much more! Attract more customers, let’s make your place remarkable

Our company carries out commercial repairs of premises of any size and purpose. More than 15 years of experience in this field allows us to cope with tasks of varying complexity. Your idea, together with our skills and experience, will help to realize your idea exactly as you imagined it. Our professionals will qualitatively bring your room into the order you have planned. There are no unsolvable tasks for us. We find an individual solution for each client and help to realize original ideas. We give creative and unique solutions. Besides, we have in-house top architectural designers from Europe who always glad to help to implement any dream for interior and exterior. No other place will be like your business.

For Developers

As a developer building real estate for the purpose of sale, it is important to get the maximum result. Our professional designers from Europe will help you maximize your profit by providing magnificent interior design and help you in getting higher price.

When selling residential real estate, we understand that any developer wants to get a good price and a quick result of the sale. A complete interior design by our experts will make your property stand out from the rest thanks to the special design we create and the higher standards we hold. A space that has good appeal will be of interest to the largest number of potential buyers. Our interior designer can pinpoint who the development is aimed at, attracting the right buyers. It is worth entrusting such work to a designer who has extensive experience working with a specific audience that you need. Properties designed by our European designer will sell much faster.

Property Maintenance

Regular property maintenance helps keep your property in the best possible condition. With timely maintenance, you will avoid unforeseen problems with the property and additional costs for a sudden big renovations. Also, with regular maintenance, your property will remain healthy and last longer, keeping the building functional, safe, and comfortable for its residents and visitors.

Property Maintenance is the process of keeping all residential and commercial buildings in good condition by performing small repairs such as painting or flooring. Their use increases the satisfaction of tenants and guests and thus improves the reputation of the company. This higher reputation results in higher tenant retention and repeats business from visitors. Our maintenance professionals regularly perform maintenance work and light repairs for apartments, houses and commercial spaces all over LA and OC.

Home Inspection

A home inspection is a security check of a residential or commercial property and its current condition. Once every 3-5 years, it is widely recommended to have a home inspection by a specialist for health and safety reasons.

Take care of your home like your body. Regular visits to the doctor are preventive. It's about discovering and identifying problems before they appear. The same idea applies to your home and the future value of your home. A home inspection can reveal potentially life-threatening problems, such as mold or faulty wiring, which can lead to a serious fire. Home Inspector will inspect and provide a written report on residential or commercial building systems and components, including: Exterior and Interior structures, Heating systems, Air conditioning systems, Plumbing system, Electrical system, Foundations, Walls, Roof, Windows, Kitchen, Baths, etc.

House Flipping

Having the right contractors is essential to your house flipping business. A good team of contractors can mean the difference between profit and loss, so it is very crucial part. We have been in the house flipping market since 2013 and have an impeccable reputation in Europe.

Our company is very knowledgeable about every step of such business and how best to execute it at highest level. Let us design and renovate the property to maximize your profit by providing a stunning interior helping you get a higher selling price for the house flipping. We work with different styles and buildings, including single-family homes, mobile homes, duplex, townhomes, apartments, multi-family homes, etc. Our team specializes in designing homes specially for sale and can guide you step by step, how it is best performed and create most outstanding, magnificent and unique houses which sell fast.

Feng-shui & Vastu-shastra

Feng-shui & Vastu-shastra are both very powerful and different sciences. These sciences are not just dragging furniture around the room, it is a very capacious science, containing a large number of rules and schemes, theory and practice, but leading to one goal: to create beneficial conditions in your home for a happy life. Vastu and Feng Shui are sciences aimed at achieving the harmony of space.

Today, the Chinese practice of Feng Shui is widely accepted. This system is quite popular today, while Vastu is not yet known to such a wide range of people but is currently gaining its popularity. We have our own in-house designers who are highly certified and have in-depth knowledge of both of these sciences and work with residentials and commercial spaces. You will get a space in which everything can be done easily and naturally, in which you wake up filled with energy. A space where you want to create and develop, where dreams come true, where life is filled with meaning and love.

Psychotherapeutic Interior

Have you noticed how interiors affect our well-being? Psychotherapeutic Interior is well-known in Europe and is just beginning to gain popularity in America. The psychotherapeutic interior is a mixture of art therapy and environmental psychology. About 87% of our time, we spend indoors - at home, in the office, cafes, shopping centers, fitness clubs. Psychology has proven that design influences how we think, feel, and make decisions.

When it comes to renovations, people cannot predict how new space will affect them psychologically. How new renovation will change your life? Proper space planning – is a new quality of life. When you start getting whatever you want from your space, then you will start getting changes in your personal life. You will get new aspects, work, business, leisure, comfort. Interior design has become an integral part of people's psychology. This is the influence of a space on a person. By changing the outside, you change the inside. A new look at renovation as a transformation of personality. Your space is the mirror of your soul!

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